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Indians have a special place in their hearts for street food. The aroma of Pav Bhaji or of mouth-watering Momos will ensure you don’t walk away without satiating your hunger pangs. Hokart is designed to be a one-stop-shop for all street food lovers to connect with such vendors and enjoy the flavors from the streets from the comfort of your home.

Hokart is also a platform for vendors to cater to a wider range of customers than their traditional arrangement. Through new food discovery and engagement videos, we strive to serve a unique set of options onto your palette


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How it all started

To understand and explore a country’s street food is to understand and explore a large part of its culture. Indians take great pride in their cuisine and this shows in the sheer variety of delicacies on offer at these local vendors.

The history of street food can be traced back to ancient Greece, making its way to imperial Rome where the poor urban depended on street hawkers for their daily meal. China developed their own street food culture and is ubiquitous around the world. It is a primary source of income to several women and children in Africa. It continues to be a source of nutrition for thousands of migrants in big cities likes Tokyo, Bangkok, and Singapore. In fact, the Hawker Culture of street food in Singapore has been inducted by UNESCO in its prestigious ‘Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity’.

Indians are so spoilt for choices when it comes to street food that it can be hard to know where to start. From steaming samosas to tangy pani puris, to crispy dosas and even fresh-squeezed juices, India’s offerings are practically endless.

The popularity of street food can be attributed to these factors

  1. Inexpensive – Street food is light on your pocket. This also helps vendors stay afloat since it reduces their operational costs

  2. Availability – It is hard NOT to find a hawker selling food at a street corner, even if it means roasted channa at the nukkadwala 

  3. Variety – Every region has something unique to offer

  4. Time – Most street food is made in a matter of minutes. 

  5. Delectable – The explosion of flavors that comes from these foods Street food is now a key part of contemporary Indian life. The adventure of finding that one unique snack can be soul-stirring.





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