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Must-try street food in Bangalore

Bangalore is known not only as the IT Sector but is also known for a variety of food items that are available and inspired by different parts of India. The street food here is amazing, fulfilling, and available at budget-friendly prices.

  • Mangalore Buns – Originated from the Udupi region, Mangalore Bun is a sweet, tender, and fluffy puri made of bananas. This local delicacy is savoured with coconut chutney and sambhar. They are also perfect as a tea-time snack. It is available at almost all South Indian eateries and streetside carts in Bangalore.

  • Idli - Idli is a fermented rice cake that is often eaten as a breakfast dish. Served with chutney and sambar, idli is a most loved food item in South India. In Bangalore, it is popular street food with office-goers grabbing a quick breakfast or stopping by on their early morning walks. Most eateries open as early as 6 in the morning to serve these soft, fluffy idlis. Some of the famous ones serving these are Veena stores, Brahmin’s, and Vidyarthi Bhavan.

  • Dosas- South India food is incomplete without Dosa. There is no shortage of love for dosa in Bangalore as it is cherished by all. Served with either chutney or sambar, Dosa is best eaten hot and crispy. It is available in a variety of styles, the most famous being plain, masala, and Mysore. Some of the most famous and iconic stores to try are Central Tiffin Room in Malleshwaram, Brahmin’s Coffee Bar in Basavanagudi, and Vidyarthi Bhavan in Gandhi Bazaar.

  • Bhaji - One of the best ways to enjoy Bangalore rains is with crispy and hot Bhajis and filter coffee. Prepared in different ways and with different ingredients, the bhaji is best eaten with a dry, spicy chutney and a dash of sweet sauce.

  • Vadas - The best way to satisfy evening hunger pangs in Bangalore is by munching on hot, golden Sabudana Vadas. They are light, crispy, and are often served with chutneys or dips. One can easily find them at street side carts and stalls in Bangalore.

  • Sandwiches are a popular snack almost everywhere in the world. In Bangalore, a classic sandwich is served with mint chutney and contains a stuffing of potatoes, onions, cucumber, and beetroot. One of the most well-known eateries is Hari Super Sandwiches, known for their Chocolate sandwiches which are quite delicious.

  • Pav Bhaji - Pav Bhaji is an ultimate street food made with potatoes, onions, and tomatoes into a thick curry and served with soft buttery bread. Originally from Mumbai, Pav bhaji is made with different flavours in each state. This soul-satisfying dish is a comfort street food in Bangalore and cannot be missed.

  • Vada Pav, the popular street food of Mumbai is quite loved in Bangalore too. Vada Pav is a sandwich made of bun-bread stuffed with vada. It is a spicy delicacy, served with gunpowder chutney and fried green chilies. One can find different versions of Vada pav like cheese vada pav, sabudana vada pav, etc.

  • Momos - Street food in Bangalore is incomplete without Momos. Summer or winter, Momos are loved by everyone at any hour of the day. It comes in different variants with different fillings inside and served with tangy red sauce or mayonnaise. In Bangalore, steamed and fried vegetarian momos make a perfect evening snack in Koramangala for office-goers.

  • Pani puri- Gol Gappa or Pani Puri, is loved by almost every Indian. One of the most popular street foods of India, one can never have enough of it. The fillings in pani puri vary from state to state but that’s what makes it special. In Bangalore, street food vendors stuff potato, spices, tangy and sweet chutney. One can easily spot local street vendors selling them almost in every locality of Bangalore.

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