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Welcome to Hokart!

These Terms of Use (or "Terms") govern your use of Hokart, except where we expressly state the separate terms (and not these), and provide information about the Hokart Service (the "Service"), outlined below. When you create a Hokart account or use Hokart, you agree to these Terms. The MTPL Terms of Service do not apply to this service. The Hokart Service is a MTPL product, provided to you by MTPL, Inc. These Terms of Use therefore constitute an agreement between you and MTPL, Inc.


The Hokart Service


We agree with you on the Hokart service. The Service includes all of the Hokart products, features, applications, services, technologies and software that we provide to advance Hokart's mission: To bring you closer to the people and things you love. The following aspects of The Service are made:

Offering personalized opportunities to create, connect, communicate, discover and share

People are different. We want to strengthen your relationships. So we build systems that try and understand what you and others care about, and use that information to help you create, find, join and share experiences that matter to you. Part of that is highlighting content, features, offers and accounts that you might be interested in, and offering ways to experience Hokart, based on things that you and others do on and off Hokart.


Fostering a positive, inclusive and safe environment

We develop and use tools and offer resources to help our community members make their experiences positive and inclusive, including when we think they need help. We also have teams and systems that work to combat and breach our Terms and Policies, as well as harmful and deceptive behavior. We use all the information we have - including your information - to try and keep our platform secure. We may also share information about other MTPL companies or law enforcement with misuse or harmful content. Learn more in the Data Policy .

Developing and using technologies that help us consistently serve our growing community

Our growing community is central to our service for organizing and analyzing information. A large part of our service is creating and using cutting-edge technologies that help us personalize, protect and improve our service on an incredibly large scale. Technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning give us the power to apply our service across complex processes. Automated technologies also help us ensure the functionality and integrity of our service.

Providing consistent and seamless experiences across other MTPL company products

Hokart is part of the MTPL Companies, which share information, systems, insights, and information - including information we have about you (learn more in the Data Policy ) - in order to provide services that are better, safer and more secure. We also provide ways to interact with MTPL company products that you use, and have designed systems to achieve a seamless and consistent experience.

Ensuring access to our service

To operate our global service, we must store and transfer data across our systems around the world, including your country of residence. The global infrastructure of this service is essential and necessary to provide our service. This infrastructure may be owned or operated by MTPL Inc., MTPL Ireland Limited, or their affiliates.


Connecting with brands, products and services

We use data from Hokart and other MTPL company products, as well as third-party partners, to show you ads, offers and other sponsored content that we believe will be meaningful to you. And we try to make that content relevant to all your other experiences on Hokart.

Research and innovation

We use the information we have to study our service and collaborate with others to make our service better and contribute to the well-being of our community.


How our service is funded

Instead of using Hokart, using the Terms of Service covered by these Terms, you acknowledge that we can show you ads and businesses that pay for and promote MTPL Company products. We use your personal data, such as information about your activity and interests, to show you ads that are more relevant to you.


We are the advertisers who tell you about relevant and useful ads. We don't sell your personal data. We allow advertisers to tell us things like their business goal and the kind of audience they want to see. We then show their ad to people who might be interested.


We also provide advertisers with reports about the performance of their ads to help them understand how people interact with their content on and off Hokart. For example, we provide general demographic and interest information to advertisers to help them better understand their audience. We do not share information that directly identifies you (information such as your name or email address that you can use to contact us or whoever identifies you) unless you have specific permission to do so. 


You may also see branded content posted on Hokart by account holders who promote products or services based on a business relationship with a business partner. 


The Data Policy

Providing our service requires collecting and using your information. The Data Policy describes how we collect, use and share information across MTPL products . It can also be used in many ways, including in your Hokart privacy and security settings . You must agree to the Data Policy on Hokart.


Your commitments

In return for our commitments to the Service, we require you to make the following commitments.

Who can use Hokart. We want our service to be as open and inclusive as possible, but we also want it to be safe, secure and in accordance with the law. So, we need you to commit to a few restrictions in order to be part of the Hokart community.

  • You must be at least 13 years old or the minimum legal age for your country to use Hokart.

  • You may not be prohibited from receiving any aspect of our service under applicable laws or engaging in payment-related services.

  • We may not have disabled the law of violation or any of our policies for your account.

  • You must not be a convicted sex offender.

  • How you can't use Hokart. Providing a Safe and Open Service for a Wider Community That We All Do Our Part.

  • You cannot impersonate others or provide inaccurate information.

  • You don't have to disclose your identity on Hokart, but you must provide us with accurate and up-to-date information (including registration information), which may include personal data. Also, you may not impersonate someone or something, and you cannot create an account unless someone else has their express permission.

  • You cannot do anything unlawful, misleading or fraudulent or for an illegal or unauthorized purpose.

  • Child safety

  • If you're posting content

  • Don’t post content on Hokart if it fits any of the descriptions below.

  • Sexualization of minors: Sexually explicit content featuring minors and content that sexually exploits minors. We report content containing child sexual abuse imagery to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, who work with global law enforcement agencies.

  • There must be NO Allowed content that promotes suicide, self-harm, or is intended to shock or disgust users.

  • Harmful or dangerous acts involving minors: Content showing a minor participating in dangerous activities or encouraging minors to do dangerous activities. Never put minors in harmful situations that may lead to injury, including dangerous stunts, dares, or pranks.

  • Infliction of emotional distress on minors: Content that could cause minor participants or viewers emotional distress, including:

  • Exposing minors to mature themes

  • Simulating parental abuse

  • Coercing minors

  • There must be NO content depicting dangerous acts of child abuse or child labour in the content

  • Violence

  • Misleading family content: Content that targets young minors and families, but contains:

  • Sexual themes

  • Violence

  • Obscenity or other mature themes not suitable for young audiences

  • Family friendly cartoons that target young minors and contain adult or age-inappropriate themes such as violence, sex, death, drugs and more. Make sure your titles, descriptions, and tags match the audience you're targeting. In addition, ensure your audience selection accurately represents the audience your content is suitable for. You can also age restrict your content upon upload if it’s intended for mature audiences.

  • Cyberbullying and harassment involving minors: Content that:

  • Targets individuals for abuse or humiliation

  • Reveals personal information like email addresses or bank account numbers

  • Records someone without their consent

  • Sexually harasses

  • Encourages others to bully or harass

  • This policy applies to videos, video descriptions, comments, Stories, Community posts, live streams, playlists, and any other Hokart product or feature. Please note this is not a complete list.

  • Nudity and sexual content

  • Don’t post content on Hokart if it has any of the items below. Explicit content featuring the below policy violations could result in channel termination.

  • Depiction of genitals, breasts, or buttocks (clothed or unclothed) for the purpose of sexual gratification

  • Pornography or depicting sexual acts, genitals, or fetishes for the purpose of sexual gratification on any surface (such as video, text, audio, images)Clips extracted from non-pornographic films, shows, or other content in order to isolate sexual content (real world or artistic)

  • Groping, pantsing, public masturbation, upskirting, voyeurism, predatory exhibitionism, or any other content that depicts someone in a sexualized manner without their consent

  • There must be NO Use of sexually explicit language or narratives

  • Vulgar Language - There must be NO Use of excessive profanity in your video

  • Vulgar Language - There must be NO Use of heavy profanity in your video’s title, thumbnail or associated metadata

  • Violence content

  • Some language may not be appropriate for viewers under 18. We may consider the following factors when deciding whether to age-restrict or remove content. Keep in mind that this isn't a complete list.

  • Use of sexually explicit language or narratives

  • Use of excessive profanity in your video

  • Use of heavy profanity in your video’s title, thumbnail or associated metadata

  • There must be NO verbal mention of weapons like guns/rockets/pistols/any other similar equipment in the Audio/video

  • There must be NO depiction or actual action of person-to-person physical / verbal attacks in the Audio/video

  • Suicide & Self-injury 

  • At Hokart, we take the health and well-being of all our creators and viewers seriously. Awareness and understanding of mental health is important and we support creators sharing their stories, such as posting content discussing their experiences with depression, self-harm, or other mental health issues.

  • We do not, however, allow content on Hokart that promotes suicide, self-harm, or is intended to shock or disgust users.

  • What to do if you find this content - If you come across content in which someone expresses suicidal thoughts or is engaging in self-harm, please contact local emergency services immediately for help and flag the video to bring it to our immediate attention.

  • What to do if you need support - If you are depressed, having thoughts of suicide, or self-harming, know there is help and you’re not alone. Many people turn to suicidal thinking and self-harm as ways to cope with painful emotions. Talking to a specialist can help you identify healthy, effective coping strategies and develop skills to manage difficult feelings.

  • Food Safety 

  • There must be NO depiction of poor food hygiene or service by vendor in video content

  • There must be NO depiction of food adulteration in video content

  • Breach of trust

  • There must be NO misportrail, wrong or inaccurate depiction of information related to the food, its preparation, vendor details including but not limited to location, name, business name etc

  • Don’t post content on Hokart if it fits any of the descriptions below.

  • Promoting dangerous remedies or cures: Content that claims that harmful substances or treatments can have health benefits.

  • Suppression of census participation: Content aiming to mislead census participants about the time, place, means, or eligibility requirements of the census, or false claims that could materially discourage census participation.

  • Manipulated content: Content that has been technically manipulated or doctored in a way that misleads users (beyond clips taken out of context) and may pose a serious risk of egregious harm.

  • Misattributed content: Content that may pose a serious risk of egregious harm by falsely claiming that old footage from a past event is from a current event.

  • What happens if content violates this policy - If your content violates this policy, we’ll remove the content and send you an email to let you know. 


We may terminate your account for repeated violations of the Community Guidelines or Terms of Service. We may also terminate your account after a single case of severe abuse, or when the channel is dedicated to a policy violation.  These Terms or our policies, including the Hokart Community Guidelines, MTPL Platform Terms and Developer Policies and Music Guidelines must be complied with all times.

  • If you post branded content, you must comply with our Branded Content Policies, which require you to use our branded content tool. Learn how to report or content in our Help Center .

  • You cannot do anything to interfere or impair the intended operation of the service.

  • This includes any reporting, dispute or appeals channel, such as making fraudulent or groundless reports or appeals.

  • You can attempt to create accounts or access or collect information in unauthorized ways.

  • This includes creating accounts or collecting information in an automated way without our express permission.

  • You cannot sell, license or purchase any account or data obtained from us or our service.

  • This includes attempts to buy, sell or transfer any aspect of your account (including your username); solicit, collect or use login credentials or other users of badges; or request or collect Hokart usernames, passwords or misappropriate access tokens.


You Can't Post Anyone else's Private or Confidential Information without permission or do anything that violates someone else's rights, including intellectual property rights (eg copyright infringement, trademark infringement, counterfeit or pirated goods). 


You may use applicable law under copyright and related rights to someone else's works. You represent that you own or have all the necessary rights to the content you post or share. 


You can't modify, translate, create derivative works of or reverse engineer our products or their components.


You cannot use a domain name or URL in your pre-written consent without your username.


Permissions you give us. As part of our agreement, you also give us the Permissions that we provide to the Service.


We don't claim ownership, but you grant us a license to use it.


Nothing is changing about your rights in your content. We don't claim ownership of your content that you post on or through the service and you are free to share your content with anyone else, wherever you choose. However, we need some legal permissions from you (known as a "license") to provide the service. When you share, post or upload content that is covered by our service with intellectual property rights (such as photos or videos), you hereby grant us a non-exclusive, royalty-free, transferable, sub-licensable, Host, use, distribute, modify, run, copy, publicly perform or display, translate and create derivative works worldwide (consistent with your privacy and application settings). When this license ends, your content is deleted from our systems. You can delete content individually or at all once by deleting your account. To learn more about how we use information, and how to control or delete your content, review theData Policy and visit the Hokart Help Center .


Permission to use your username, profile picture and information about your relationships and actions with accounts, ads and sponsored content.


You can give us permission to show your username, profile picture and information about your actions (such as likes) or relationships (such as following) accounts, ads, offers and other sponsored content that you follow or engage with. Are you looking for MTPL products, without any compensation. For example, we may show that you liked a sponsored post created by a brand that has paid us to display its ads on Hokart. As with other content and following accounts, you may find that people who have access to the content or follow the actions of the sponsored content. We will also respect your ad settings. 


You agree that we can download and install updates to the Service on your device.


Additional rights we retain

If you select a username or a similar identifier for your account, we may change it if we believe it is appropriate or necessary (for example, if it infringes someone's intellectual property or impersonates another user).


If you are content with our content (for example, images, designs, videos, or sounds that we provide), we retain all rights to our content. (but not yours).


You may only use our intellectual property and trademarks or similar marks expressly permitted by our Brand Guidelines or with our prior written permission.


You must obtain written permission from us or under an open-source license to modify, create derivative works of, decompile or otherwise attempt to extract from source code.


Content removal and disabling or terminating your account

We may remove any content or information that you share on the Service that we believe violates these Terms of Use, our policies (including our Hokart Community Guidelines ) or we are permitted or required by law. We may refuse to provide or stop all or part of the Service (including terminating or disabling your access to the MTPL Products and MTPL Company products) immediately to protect our community or services, or if you create a risk or legal exposure. , violate these Terms of Use or our policies (including our Hokart Community Guidelines), if you repeatedly infringe other people's intellectual property rights, or where we are permitted or required by law. We may also terminate or change the Service, remove or block content or information shared by our Service, or stop all or part of the Service if we are doing so reasonably necessary to avoid or mitigate any legal or regulatory implications. If you believe that your account has been terminated, or you want to disable or permanently delete your account, consult our Help Center. When you request a deleted content or your account, the deletion process will automatically begin no later than 30 days. It may take up to 90 days for the deletion process to begin. While the content of the deletion process is being undertaken, the content is no longer visible to other users, but to the remaining subject. After the content is deleted, it may take us another 90 days to remove it from backups and disaster recovery systems.


Content will not be deleted within 90 days of the account deletion or content deletion process beginning in the following circumstances:


where your content has been used by others in accordance with this license and they have not been deleted (in which case this license is continued until you apply to that content is deleted); or


where 90 days of deletion is not possible due to technical limitations in our systems, in which case, we will complete the deletion as soon as technically feasible; or


Where deletion would restrict our ability to:


investigate or identify illegal activity or violations of our terms and policies (for example, to identify or investigate misuse of our products or systems); protect the safety and security of our products, systems and users; comply with a legal obligation, such as the preservation of evidence; or comply with a request of a judicial or administrative authority, law enforcement or a government agency; In which case, the content will be retained for a longer period of time than it is necessary for the purposes to be retained (the exact duration will vary on a case-by-case basis).


If you delete or we disable your account, these Terms shall be terminated as an agreement between you and us, but this section and the section below is entitled "Our Agreement and What Happens if We Disagree". or deleted.


We disagree our agreement and what happens


Our agreement.

Your Use of Music on the Service is also the subject of our Music Guidelines , and your use of our API is subject to our MTPL Platform Terms and Developer Policies. If you use certain other features or related services, additional terms may be made available and will become part of our agreement. For example, if you use payment features, you will be asked to agree to the Community Payment Terms . If any of those terms conflict with this, those other terms will govern.


If any aspect of this agreement is unenforceable, the effect of resting will remain.


Any amendment or waiver to our agreement must be in writing and signed by us. If we fail to enforce any aspect of this agreement, it will not be a waiver.


We reserve all rights not expressly granted to you.


This agreement under who has rights.


This agreement does not give rights to any third parties.


You may not transfer your rights or obligations under this Agreement.


Our rights and obligations can be assigned to others. For example, this could happen if our ownership changes (such as a merger, acquisition or sale of assets) or by law.

Who is responsible if something happens.




We also do not control what people and others do or say, and we are responsible for their (or your) actions or behavior (whether online or offline) or content (including unlawful or objectionable content). We also provide services and features for other people or companies, even if you access them through our service.


The Service (also called "liability") is the law that permits anything to happen to our liability. If there is an issue with our service, what we cannot know is all the possible impacts. You agree that we will be responsible ("liable") for any lost profits, revenues, information or data, or consequential, special, indirect, exemplary, punitive or

incidental damages arising out of or relating to these Terms, even if we know that they are possible. This includes when we delete your content, information or account.


How we will handle disputes.

If you are a consumer, the laws of the country which you reserve will apply to any claim, cause of action or dispute that you have against us. Your claim in any competent court in that country over jurisdiction. In all other cases, you must agree to the exclusive jurisdiction of the US District Court for the Northern District of California or a state court located in San Mateo County. of litigating any such claim, and the laws of the State of California will govern these Terms and Conditions of Claim without regard to the provisions of the Law. Without Prejudice to the Foregoing, you agree that, in its sole discretion, MTPL Inc.

Unsolicited material.

We always have feedback or other suggestions, but they may be used to compensate you for any restrictions or obligations you may have and keep them under no obligation.

Updating these Terms

We may change our Service and Policies, and we may need to make changes to these Terms so that they accurately reflect our Service and Policies. Unless otherwise required by law, we will notify you (for example, through our service) before we make changes to these Terms and give you an opportunity to review them. Then, if you continue to use the Service, you will be bound by the updated Terms. If you do not want these or any updated Terms, you can delete your account.




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